About Us

Our Mission is to Work Towards a Sustainable Future with Impactful EO Environmental Solutions For All.

Our Story

Imeshi Weerasinghe and Charlotte Wirion came together at VUB university in Brussels with a shared passion for making a difference to the environment and wanted to bring innovative research to benefit the community.

WEO was founded in 2020. We started working with clients from the start to develop and refine our products to their expectations and market needs. They made it clear it was difficult to obtain the necessary up-to-date analytics to solve their big environmental challenges and make decisions towards sustainability. This is why WEO focused on ensuring our environmental analytics would be affordable, regularly-updated and scalable across the globe.

WEO has attracted a team of experts in their respective fields, all sharing the same vision – using their skills to make a real difference and build a sustainable future for us all.

Our Values


Our team share a passion for shaping a sustainable future


We are focused on solutions that benefit our clients and have an impact in the real world


WEO ensures our products and services support our clients long-term


WEO build affordable solutions so they can be used all around the globe and have maximum impact

Our Team

WEO Team - Imeshi Weerasinghe

Imeshi Weerasinghe

Founder and CEO

WEO Team - Charlotte Wirion

Charlotte Wirion

Founder and CTO

WEO Team - Rowan Steele

Rowan Steele

Business Development Manager

WEO Team - Frankwin van Winsen

Frankwin van Winsen

Head of Development

WEO Team - Thierry Nicola

Thierry Nicola

Senior Software Engineer

WEO Team - Adelene Lai

Adelene Lai

Software Engineer

WEO Team - Nicla Noterangelo

Nicla Notarangelo

Postdoctoral Researcher

Asritha Gottiparthy

Software Engineer

WEO Team - Olivier de La Guéronnière

Olivier de la Guéronnière


Our Awards

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