Risk Management

Streamline the Management of Vegetation and Natural Disaster Risk


  • Trees threaten critical infrastructure by posing a risk of falling on assets, blocking transport corridors or spreading dangerous wildfires.

  • At the same time, climate change is increasing the risk of natural disasters, including wildfires and flooding.

  • Currently many asset managers or authorities undertake risk mapping by collecting field surveys every three to five years, which is costly and slow.

  • Accurate, widespread and up-to-date data is required to pinpoint risks down to individual tree level or street level so that corrective actions can be prioritised.

Our Solutions

Track the risk trees pose alongside railway tracks or power lines according to their proximity, height and health.

Prioritise vegetation clearing prior to the wildfire season according to vegetation flammability, proximity and structure

Improve flood risk monitoring and understand the catchment factors that increase risk.

Provide analysis at scale for large financial and actuarial models.

What We Offer

Automated Workflows

Assessments of tree fall or wildfire risk to your desktop without the need for field surveys

Prioritise Interventions

Tailor-designed vegetation risk assessments are used to plan tree pruning and other maintenance in an optimised way.


Our satellite-driven analytics are a fraction of the cost of laser scanning, drones or aerial surveillance

Regular Updates

Updated assessments on an annual or seasonal basis.

Widespread Coverage

The base of our maps is globally-available satellite data. Combined with our locally-trained algorithms, we can provide accurate data across cities or countries.

High Resolution

Up to 1m resolution provides the detail needed for initial risk assessment without compromising on coverage or affordability

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